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Chocolate & Rum Distillery Tour

Chocolate & Rum Distillery Tour

Join us on a delectable journey through the flavors of St. Lucia with our Chocolate & Rum Distillery Tour. Indulge in the rich history and tantalizing aromas as we explore the island’s renowned chocolate and rum-making traditions.

Tour Itinerary:

A flavorful journey with our Chocolate & Rum Distillery Tour, starting with a convenient hotel pickup where our knowledgeable guide extends a warm welcome. Dive into the world of chocolate at a local factory, witnessing the art of chocolate-making from bean to bar and indulging in a variety of decadent samples. Then, immerse yourself in the spirit of St. Lucian rum at a traditional distillery, exploring the distillation process and savoring the island’s finest rums during a guided tasting session. Along the way, gain insights into the cultural significance of chocolate and rum in St. Lucian heritage as our expert guide shares captivating stories. Enjoy a scenic drive through picturesque landscapes, followed by a stop for souvenir shopping, where you can browse local artisanal products. Finally, conclude your tour with a comfortable return to your hotel, where you can reflect on your flavorful experience and perhaps enjoy a sweet treat or a sip of rum as you reminisce about your day.

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